Rock Steady

    Rock Steady

    The Band, Book 2
    Sourcebooks Casablanca (June 7, 2016)
    ISBN-13: 9781492616795 ♦ ISBN-10: 1492616796

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    Second in Dawn Ryder’s sizzling new Rock Band series.

    He kept it casual

    Superstar guitarist Ramsey’s reputation as a bad-boy rocker is exceeded only by his dedication to his music. He’s worked hard for the success of his hit metal band Toxsin, and he intends to enjoy it-completely. When a jilted groupie gets back at him for a one-night stand with an intimate-and completely inappropriate-tattoo, he needs it fixed, and fast. Sparks fly between Ramsey and his new tattoo artist, and Ramsey finds himself hoping for more than new ink.

    Until she made him want more

    When a high-profile tattoo job lands Jewel an invite on Toxsin’s latest tour, she can’t say no. It’ll be great exposure, after all. What she’s really worried about is ruining the gig by hooking up with the first guy to completely rock her world. She knows she should resist-Ramsey’s not the kind to stick around for a morning after. But the way he makes her feel-as an artist and a woman-could be worth any risk.

    Praise for Rock Me Two Times:
    “Edgy, smoking-hot…decadence, pleasure, and shocking transformative passion provoke an unlikely couple to grapple with their hearts.” —Publishers Weekly

    “Fans will doubtlessly savor heady details and vivid emotions that pulse through this story…a series to watch.” —RT Book Reviews

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    Rock Steady

    “Get out!”

    “Your sign says twenty-four hours.”

    Jewel looked up and fumbled her phone. She was pretty sure her mouth hung open, but wasn’t completely sure, because her brain decided to fry, leaving her staring at the decadent man prowling across the shop toward her.

    “Tell your mom you’ll call back. I need you right now.”

    Okay, fried wasn’t nearly hot enough a word to describe the sensation going through her. The guy in front of her was a god. Six and a quarter feet of raw muscle, with black eyes that looked like they’d been carved out of a moonless night sky at midnight. His shoulder-length hair was spiky and screamed nonconformity. But it was the flash of arrogance in his eyes that drove home just how raw he was.

    This guy took what he wanted and never apologized for any of his desires.

    It should have raised her hackles. Instead, it made her wet.

    And she wasn’t sure she liked it.

    Scratch that. She was sure she didn’t like it, because it felt like she was losing control.

    “Mom, I’ve got someone in the shop.”

    Her voice had become raspy. She blinked, trying to scrape together some poise. It felt like mission impossible as the god grinned at her, his lips curving in a sensual way that sent a bolt of heat straight into her clit.


    The guy was sex-on-a-stick. And his leather pants made it clear he had quite a stick.

    “How can I help you?” she asked.

    “So, you’re open?” She’d never realized the god had companions. One was an Asian man with short, spiky hair, black as a raven’s wing, with a flash of blue fire that made it look amazing.

    “Oh…sorry. I was talking to my mom.” Her tongue felt like it had gone lame. “When you walked in, that is. We’re always open.”

    And her day was suddenly looking up. “I’m Jewel. What are you gents looking for?”

    “Do you do tattoo rescue?” The blond one was talking now. His hair fell just to his shoulders, and his eyebrows were slashes.

    “You can only go darker. So if it’s already black, your options are limited. But sure, I do rescues.”

    “Wait,” the Asian guy insisted. “Do you have a portfolio?”

    Rock Steady

    “Of course.” Jewel pulled a large book from under the counter.

    She was used to seeing leather and brawn in the shop, but there was a level of detail on all three of them that spoke of money. The pants were all custom-made, or she’d pack up and start sending out marketing resumes like her parents advised. She knew the difference between wannabes and genuine badasses.

    These were the real McCoy.

    “I mean, nothing personal, but we can’t have this done by an amateur,” the Asian continued as he started flipping through the pages of her work.

    “Speak for yourself, Taz.” The dark-eyed one was leaning farther across the counter, making the air between them sizzle. “I’d like to get very personal with you.”

    His voice was like black velvet. It would be super easy to just let it rub all over her. She got the feeling she’d end up purring. There was a flash of something in his eyes, sending a tingle of apprehension through her.

    He knew exactly what sort of effect he was having on her.

    God, that was sexy. It really redefined her concept of the word. He knew exactly what to do with every inch of her body.

    She ended up rolling her lower lip in and setting her teeth into it. His dark gaze dropped to the little nervous motion, his lips curving rakishly in response as he leaned on the counter, moving closer to her. He was too damned smooth, pushing in on her comfort zone with an ease that was annoying, but at the same time, forced her to admit she admired it. A ton of guys thought they were good at getting under a girl’s skin.

    This guy was amazing at it.

    He was arrogant, but with a solid core of confidence that sent a shiver down her spine. Part of her really wanted to put him to the test.

    Which wouldn’t help her pay the rent. She dug deep, trying to get a grip on her professionalism.

    “You might want to see these too.” She lifted another album from beneath the counter and handed it over. “These are my awards, and the back half are rescues, before and after shots.”

    The blond took it in a flash, leaving her once again staring at the dark-eyed god. Her mouth actually went dry when he opened his mouth and bit the air between them. “Maybe you should let me in on the…problem?”

    His grin grew into a huge smile that showed off gleaming white teeth. “Thought you’d never ask me to open my pants.”

    He’d straightened up, giving her another glimpse of just how tall he was before he was popping the button on his fly.

    It was totally unprofessional for her to get a buzz out of his brazen attitude.

    But frickin’ awesome nonetheless.

    She was actually holding her breath as he worked the buttons.


    Rock Steady


    Oh, hell, the guy was chiseled.

    But the delicate pink blossoms hit her like a bucket of ice water. “Oh, that is just wrong.”

    She came around the counter, her attention fixed on his lower belly. Jewel sank to her knee to get eye level with the cherry blossoms. It was a sacrilege, like putting pink ribbons in the ears of a panther.

    “Hmmm…” The dark god made a soft sound under his breath and reached for her head. For a moment, she was caught in that second, waiting for his fingers to land on her.

    “Don’t be an idiot, Ramsey.” Taz smacked the hand away. “These pictures are good. We don’t need her getting pissed off because you get touchy.”

    “Looked to me like she wouldn’t mind me…touching.” There was a brazenness to him that should have pissed her off.

    Really, it should..

    Jewel straightened up, forcing herself to take a reality check. Ramsey was dark temptation, completely lickable, and he knew it. Yeah, she had that part of his persona pegged perfectly. The little cheery blossoms proved that she was far from the first girl to feel his magnetism. She’d better get a grip before she found herself driven to extremes, like the jilted exflame who had clearly lashed out at him through the tattoo.

    “Pissed off your girlfriend?” she asked pointedly.

    “She wasn’t really a girlfriend.”

    Jewel clicked her tongue and looked back at the cheery blossoms. “By the look of that, she disagreed with you on the topic. She must have taken you to Spike Collar.”

    Taz was typing into his cell phone as she spoke. “Makes sense. You surfaced right around where that tattoo parlor is on the map.”

    “Just don’t go back there,” Jewel warned as she went behind the counter and pulled a blank sheet of paper in front of her.

    “Why not?” the blond asked. “I’ve got half a mind to have my lawyer pay them a visit.”

    Jewel didn’t look up from what she was drawing. “Won’t do you any good. They never touch a client without a release of liability signed and sealed, with video footage to back it up. Whoever was gunning for you did her homework. The gals at Spike Collar don’t like guys, and they really don’t like any males who try to charm them.” Jewel cast a look at Ramsey. “You are exactly the sort they hate. Bet they popped a bottle of champagne the second you cleared the doorway with that little gem.”

    Taz made a low sound under his breath.

    But Ramsey was watching her. She felt his attention tightening, focusing on the motion of her pen as she inked a design on the paper. He’d sent a shiver down her spine before, but now he was warming her insides, melting her core slowly with the absolute devotion he was giving her. She looked up, locking gazes with him.

    Her insides churned.

    And her toes curled.

    She’d never felt so connected to another soul. It was his doing, and she realized that his arrogance was something he’d earned.

    That fact slapped her across the face and sent her into a full meltdown. He was the sort who could captivate.

    Which was a damned dangerous place to go.

    It wasn’t like she had any personal experience with it. Still, she felt like she was on pins and needles. The sheer level of sensitivity the guy was able to elicit from her was off the scale. It was fascinating to say the least.

    As well as a really bad place to go when he looked like he could afford to hire her.

    Rock Steady

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